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Mirror Polishing

Shine Like A Mirror

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CNC Stone Setting

No Glue, No Fall Out

PVD Plating

No Bubble, Last Long

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic jewelry clasp, consisting of two or three metal parts, is held closed by strong magnets, which rarely comes apart easily. It is used for leather strip, leather cord, or rope bracelet or necklace making. These flexible combinations make your jewelry piece more charming and unique, less alone with your logo or message on.

Please click on our BLOG and DOWNLOAD page to know more about our magnetic clasp, its finish, and its logo engraving.

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Stainless Steel Accent Ornament Bead / Charm

An accent ornament, as a secondary element on the jewelry piece design, can be bead or charm. It is different from the primary element in material, color, texture, shape, size, finish or all.

Include these perfect components on your necklace, bracelet, or earrings to accentuate your design and make it more creative. It is precisely because the accent bead or charm is such noticeable on overall design, which makes it a perfect place to customize your logo or message.

Being friendly to the jewelry designers who would like to assemble the finished piece by themselves, the accent ornament is very popular in the personalized jewelry making.

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Macrame Bracelet